Nottingham Central Darts League

            Rules and Conditions of Play

1.      The League formed under these rules shall be known as the Nottingham Central Darts League.

2.      The executive committee’s decision is binding in all matters.

3.      The executive committee shall have power to deal with any contingency that may arise which the following rules do not cover.

4.      All correspondence relating to the Nottingham Central Darts League should be sent to the Chairman/ General Secretary, Mr Dave Bull 25 Larchdene Avenue Fernwood Wollaton Nottingham NG8 2PF. Telephone No. 9284458. Mob/txt. 0795 291 0984. E-Mail:

5.      All teams are obliged to send a representative to each monthly meeting. Only one apology will be accepted from teams failing to send a representative to meetings, after which 1 point will be deducted from their overall league standings for each missed meeting.

6.      One registered team is allowed one vote. If one pub or club has a men’s team, ladies team and a mixed team that pub or club shall be allowed three votes. At the executive committee discretion a written vote will be taken of the team present and recorded.


7.      A team registration fee of £15.00 is payable to the Nottingham Central Darts League on joining.

8.      A player registration fee of £2.00 is payable by the player to the Nottingham Central Darts League on joining. Any new player is only eligible to play upon the FIXTURE Secretary receiving the application 24 hours before a match in which the proposed player is to be played with the registration fee being paid no later than the following meeting date.

9.      The League will accept registrations for players who are 16 years of age or over. It is up to the discretion of independent Landlords, Landlady’s and Stewards etc. as to whether that particular player is allowed to participate at their pubs/clubs if they are under the age of 18 years. It is up to the team captain/secretary to inform the away venue that they have a registered player under the age of 18. It is the responsibility of the team, who has registered a player under the age of 18, to ensure that their player behave and conduct themselves in a proper manner. Registration cards of players under 18 will be marked with:

10.  A player registration card will be issued and must be signed by the player and the secretary. The secretary must produce the signed card when a player signs a match score sheet. If a card cannot be produced due to it being in the committees hands, the game may continue but the opposing team secretary has the right to enter on the match score sheet.  Please Check Signatures.

11.  It will be deemed an offence for any team to allow a non registered player or any of the team to sign a match score sheet under an assumed name. Any team allowing this transgression of the rules will be penalised by having the complete match awarded to the opposing team.

12.  Once a player has registered and played for his/her team for which they have signed on, there is NO transfer allowed. Players may transfer from one team to another only if they have NOT thrown a dart for their original team he/she has registered with. The player transferring MUST re-register and pay a fee of £2.00p

13.  No team shall include a barred player when visiting premises from which that player is barred, unless the Landlord concerned has given clearance. It is hoped amicable arrangements can be achieved.

14.  All social clubs entering the league are only accepted on the understanding that all visiting league registered players are accepted as temporary members for that night.


15.  The board shall be hung 5ft 8ins (1.73metres) from the floor measured in a plumb line from the centre of the Bull. The Oche will be a fixed mark 6ft (1.83metres) from the base of the plumb line. This makes a dimension of 8ft 3ins (2.52metres) on the diagonal line from the centre of the Bull. The dartboard shall be a standard trebles and doubles clock pattern board showing the twenty, and all even segment singles in black, and all odd segment singles in white, with ALL other colours and condition of board pertaining to BDO and WDO match board standards. Promotional boards are NOT allowed unless they comply with this rule with regards to the board’s colours.

16.  The Oche shall be a minimum of 2ft 6ins long, the rear of which is recognised as the throwing point. Players are not permitted to stand on or over the Oche line.

17.  Scoreboards shall be mounted on each side of the dartboard and scores are marked by subtraction with the score obtained marked in the column furthermost from the dartboard, and the score required in the column nearest the dartboard.


18.  All league matches shall be 501with a straight start and a double to finish. All KO cup matches shall be 701 with a straight start and a double to finish. The BULLS EYE is recognised as a double 25.

19.  The markers, once a leg is in progress, shall not look towards the Oche and they must be prepared to announce the score obtained and the amount still required if so requested by the throwing player. The amount required must be called only as i.e.; 32 wanted not double 16 the markers are the only people permitted to announce any score once a dart as been thrown in any leg.


            Markers are in charge of the game in progress.

            Markers are to announce scores required from a finish and below to the player, before He/She

            commences the throw.

            Do keep still whilst the player is throwing.

            Do not state a finishing double. Unless the player is registered with permission under rule 20.

            Do not smoke while a leg is in progress

            Do check the player’s feet before the first dart is thrown then face the board.

            Coaching to players whilst on the Oche is NOT to be tolerated.

            Please ensure that ALL mobile telephones are turned off before the match commences.

20.  The League has an inclusion policy with regards to players with a disability affecting their capability to do maths i.e. Dyscalculia; learning difficulties and autistic spectrum disorders (Written, confidential proof of any of these disabilities is required by the committee) Help can only be given when a player is on a double and only be given by the opposing marker. The marker is in charge of the game and ‘coaching’ to players on the Oche will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of that players Captain or Secretary to inform the marker of the player’s disability before the match commences and also before that player commences his/her leg. Players with disabilities affecting their capability to work out their finish will have a different coloured registration card  marked with:

21.  A dart point must be touching the dartboard to score. Players shall not remove their darts from the board until the marker has ascertained the score obtained.

22.  Teams in the men’s divisions shall consist of nine male players. Teams in the ladies divisions shall consist of seven female players. Teams in the mixed divisions shall consist of 7 pairs of male and female players a pair in the mixed division must comprise of a male and female player.

23.  Match nights will be Mondays for ladies sevens. Tuesdays for mixed pairs sevens and on Wednesdays for men’s nines. Knockout cup matches will whenever possible be played on normal match nights or on Thursday nights.

24.  The only reason that a normal match may be re-arranged on the night of play is if extenuating circumstances prevail i.e.: - bad weather in the WINTER preventing or endangering travel (fog or snow etc) Should this occur then the visiting team secretary must telephone the home team secretary and advise him or her of the postponement and the reason why. It is no use telling the bar person, as the message may not be delivered. Should the two teams be unable to agree a new match date then the relevant fixtures secretary in conjunction with the General Secretary will appoint a new date for the match to be played within four weeks of cancellation mutual agreement of cancellation by both teams will also be accepted, but only if the match is re- arranged within four weeks of cancellation and the respective fixture secretary have been informed. Matches not played by the end of a divisions’ season will be deemed void. The Committee and the League are NOT responsible for any cost incurred for transport, food etc. in respect of matches claimed due to  cancellations or non turn-out of teams.

25.  ALL LEAGUE, KO CUPS, PAIRS & SINGLES matches must commence by 9.00pm. Secretary’s must ensure that they register and get their players to sign in and commence the match at 9.00pm. If one team has registered their player and their opponents have not then they are in order to claim the first leg at 9.00pm and then as follows:                2ndLeg ………..9.10pm                                                                                                                                                                                              



                                                      5th Leg………...9.40pm   and then the entire match at 9.50pm.

      Should a delay in arrival by the visiting team become unavoidable then the visiting team secretary must  

      telephone the home team secretary and advise him or her of the reason for the delay and the estimated time  

      of arrival. Failure to do so will entitle the home team to claim legs as above.

26.  The away team shall throw first in the odd numbered legs, the home team shall throw first in the even numbered legs. For all LEAGUE matches the away team MUST register their player first.

27.  The captains of the two teams shall be in charge of the league matches with the secretaries responsible for the completing the score sheet as won (W) or lost (L). The winning team secretary is responsible for informing the league fixture secretary within 24 hours for men’s, ladies and mixed divisions of the result, with the score sheet to follow. If a team constantly breach this rule they will be disciplined by the committee.

28.  In the event of a match being played under protest then the under protest must be clearly written on the score sheet and the opposing team secretary respective fixture secretary informed of the reason why. It then becomes the secretary of the protesting team responsibility to return the score sheet with a protest fee of £5.00, refunded if protest found valid, and a letter explaining the reason for the protest. This must be done within72 hours of the match being played otherwise the protest will be declared void. Only written protests will be heard.  Should a protest be lodged then both teams secretary` s and captains will be invited to attend the next executive committee meeting to put their case. The findings of the executive committee will be binding and final in all cases. The executive committee will not deal with any protest unless the above is complied with.

29.  Any team not completing a full winter or summer season will have all points and legs expunged. Teams and team members dropping out of the league will also forfeit their place in any KO cup, pairs and singles competitions. Re admission to the men’s, mixed and Ladies leagues will be at the discretion of the respective fixture secretary.

30.  In the event of both teams failing to provide last leg players and the score is either 3 - 3 in the ladies or mixed, or 4 - 4 in the men’s the match will be deemed a draw with both teams receiving equal legs score, plus 1 league point. No legs to be played / claimed without player’s signature.


31.  Entry fees for all pairs and singles knockout competitions will be £2.00 per player these fees should be made payable to the Nottingham Central Darts League.

32.  A player is only permitted to enter a knockout competition if he or she is a registered league player and then only once per competition within the league jurisdiction provided that he or she has paid the relevant knockout competition entry fee.

33.  Any registered male player in the men’s league can only play in the men’s pairs and singles competition. Any registered female player in the ladies league can only play in the ladies pairs and singles competition. Any registered mixed player whether it is male or female can only formulate a mixed pair and can only play in the mixed pairs competition. (Except where Rule 29 applies)

34.  All pairs and singles knockout competitions will be best of 3 legs of 501, until reaching the last 16, which will be best of 5 legs 501.

35.  All pairs and singles matches will commence at 9.00pm prompt. Any player not signed in by this time will have deemed themselves disqualified. Match will commence by the player spinning once only for the arrows and then alternating until the game is won.

36.  Any player competing in any knockout competition must mark if requested to do so by the referee, or must find a registered member of the league as a substitute. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to disqualification from current singles and pairs competitions and future events.

37.  In pairs and singles knockout cup and league matches it is the responsibility of the individual and the secretary referee to Ensure any highest finish is recorded on the appropriate match sheet. Hear say and word of mouth will not be accepted. This also applies to individual 180s scored.

38.  Referees are responsible for returning knockout score sheets to the fixture secretary within 48 hours of the matches taking place, or by informing the fixture secretary of the results within 24 hours with score sheet to follow as soon as possible.

39.  Substitutes will be permitted in the first round only of the pairs and singles knockouts and only then if the player is a member of the same pub or club team and is NOT already entered in that particular pairs/singles KO competition, the substitute then continues in the competition until knocked out. Fixture secretary’s must be notified, prior to the match, of any changes. Any players found in breach of this rule will be disqualified from the competition.


40.  Team knockout cup matches will be commenced by the visiting team and the legs then alternating. Except semi - finals and finals which will be at a neutral venue with an independent referee who will spin a coin once only to decide the arrows.

41.  Under no circumstances will knockout cup matches be re-arranged without the authority of the executive committee. Failure to turn out on the designated date will result in loss of that game.

42.  All KO Cup matches MUST constitute a result. In the event of a draw due to lack of players from either or both sides then one final deciding leg must be played between two players (or two pairs in mixed teams) one from each side, who have already played in the drawn match. The players are selected by the team captains with the away team having the arrows.

Special Events.


"LESLIE QUINN TROPHY" Captain & Secretary’s Ladies Only

       To be played on a Monday evening, knockout cup competition, best of 3 legs 501, played

       to a finish on the evening.  SUMMER SEASON ONLY.


                             “SINGLES & PAIRS” Individual All Day Competition.

       To be played on a Sunday. Straight Knockout Competition 3 legs 501 until quarterfinals

       onwards 5 legs 501. 11.00am start to finish. SUMMER SEASON ONLY.


                              JOHN BROGAN TROPHY” Team Event & the MARY MILLER TROPHY”

       To be played on Sunday. Played on a mini league basis until the last 16 when it becomes a straight    

       Knockout Competition. 11.00am start to finish. WINTER SEASON ONLY.      



     The League have supported, and will continue to support, local charities as long as the nominee of the group requiring the support of the League provides a written request on headed paper and where appropriate, (usually in medical support cases) provides a Doctors letter.




Dave Bennett-Bull - Gen.Sec. :          Mob/txt: 0795 291 0984

Mick Lakin - Treasurer:                 Mob/txt: 0794 021 9543

Dick Eminson - Mixed Fix. Sec.:                    Mob/txt: 0788 420 5079

Brian Offiler - Ladies Fix. Sec.:                            Mob/txt: 0797 458 2474

Steve Pinder - Men’s Fix. Sec.:     Mob/txt: 0776 586 1719

Paul G. Lacey - Web Master/PR’:    Mob/txt: 0773 073 1494

Nottingham Central Darts Website address:

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